Israeli leaders urge Christians to see this film.

The US peace plan would force Israel to give up the heartland of Israel- where Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and the prophets walked- for a Palestinian State. Christians must stand up for Israel's Biblical land rights. CIBLR is different from other Christian groups supporting Israel in that we do not give blanket approval to everything Israel does. But we are fully supportive of Israel's right to all the land God promised them. And we urge all Christians to exert their influence to support these Biblical rights.

To stimulate this Christian support, we will be showing our large screen production-ISRAEL FULFILLNG BIBLE PROPHECY "God's Peace Plan For The Middle East" to audiences around the country.

The film begins with Jesus, who died on the cross in Jerusalem, for both Jews and Gentiles.

Fulfilling Bible Prophecy
God's Peace Plan for the Middle East

Bible prophecy predicted the details of this drama over 3,000 years ago.

No other movie captures this heart-griping drama beginning with Abraham, the deliverance from Egypt, the ancient glory of Israel in her homeland for over 1,700 years and their dispersion to the ends of the earth, then the miracle of return. The Jewish people—persecuted, despised, second class citizens—dared to leave the ghettos for their distant ancient homeland, Israel—a land ravished by centuries of abandonment, miles and miles of malaria-infested swamps and barren rocky wilderness, with town after town blown away by the winds of adversity. David Ben Gurion observed the Jewish State began in 1878 not 1948. Why? Pioneering miracles!

Driven by persecution and Zionist faith and facing insurmountable challenges, many sacrificed life itself to make the wilderness "blossom as a rose." As an infrastructure crept across the land, historians observed, Arabs from surrounding countries came to enjoy fruits of a better economy.

Encouraged in 1921 by the League of Nations promise of a Jewish State, pioneering and miracles continued. The desert continued to recede and cities sprung up. And Arabs continued to pour in. Then oil discoveries in Arab lands magnetically drew the industrial Christian nations to the Arab block. The rise of Hitler, the Arab embrace of Nazi anti-Semitism and finally the Holocaust shattered hopes for a Jewish State.

When Hitler fell, guilt-ridden Christian nations momentarily compromised their vested Arab oil interest and tipped the U.N. vote for a Jewish State.

Victories in five wars showed Israel's determination to survive in the midst of its Islamic enemies. The PLO hopes that terrorism and Arab oil diplomacy will force the creation of a Palestinian State that will become an 'armed base' to destroy all Israel. But Israel will continue to be a miracle of Divine Providence. God's peace plan will finally succeed. An enlarged Israeli State will live in cooperative peace with the Arabs. Christ's Second Advent will witness the full establishment of the 1,000-year Kingdom for the blessing and happiness of all.

See this drama unfold across the screen in living color— drama predicted in the Bible over 3,000 years ago.

Will Israel be forced to give up the West Bank?

Is a total Israeli-Arab war imminent?

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Christians for Israel's Biblical Land Rights

Sponsored By Christians For Israel's Biblical Land Rights